Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 3 of Vacation

Nice Slow Pace

The weather has been beautiful. Today the wind was really a bit much and a lot cooler because of the heavy clouds. The fishing is really hard due to the lack of rain over the past several months and each fisherman we talk to says the same thing. We really have to work hard just to get a dinner out here. It has taken us three (3) days to get one fish dinner (for two). But, oh how great the dinners have been. Jim does a fantastic job with the fry daddy making some very light, non-greasy, fried fish. What a special dinner that is. Jim has said that his back is starting to hurt though.....from having to carry me - funny man, funny man.

What a wonderful time enjoying the beauty of God's Nature, the peace of this serene environment and the special time we are sharing together.

Looking forward to our next exciting few places.....will be sure to share how our journey goes


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