Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 3 of Vacation

Nice Slow Pace

The weather has been beautiful. Today the wind was really a bit much and a lot cooler because of the heavy clouds. The fishing is really hard due to the lack of rain over the past several months and each fisherman we talk to says the same thing. We really have to work hard just to get a dinner out here. It has taken us three (3) days to get one fish dinner (for two). But, oh how great the dinners have been. Jim does a fantastic job with the fry daddy making some very light, non-greasy, fried fish. What a special dinner that is. Jim has said that his back is starting to hurt though.....from having to carry me - funny man, funny man.

What a wonderful time enjoying the beauty of God's Nature, the peace of this serene environment and the special time we are sharing together.

Looking forward to our next exciting few places.....will be sure to share how our journey goes


Monday, February 28, 2011

Log Awaited Vacation

Beware - Slow Speed Ahead: Long Awaited Vacation: WRONG

Jim is full speed ahead because it has been a very long awaited vacation. As many family and friends know this vacation has been needed for a very, very long time. It has been 3 years as we have battled and conquered Jim's throat cancer. It wasn't just his throat cancer, but so many more domino effects from that cancer that led us into a whirlwind of stress, fatigue and days filled with a dominated focus on improving our health.

If you have not followed the past history of our journey you can find some of this history on Caringbrige ( not all of this history is there but so much is for sure.

With family and friends watching over and house sitting we are therefore able to take this long awaited vacation and spend many weeks throughout Florida. Our first day (and week) is here at Hontoon Landing Resort. A beautiful place for fishing and site seeing for some absolute beautiful scenery! I can't wait to share each new day of this beautiful time with you!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Time for a Season Change???

Between the hot flashes (in weather that is) and the freezing cold, who else is ready for a change in seasons? We have been sick with the flu for more than a week (first time in we can't remember when) and the house still echoes with hacking and coughing.

Well we are going to try and force a change and take a little trip down to Florida (St John's River) and then on to the Keys. Count down is now in less than two weeks. This will be a great change of "weather" for us in so many ways but just to name a couple 1) The actual weather and, 2) Our first real vacation over the past three years. A lot has happened and we figured it was time for a road trip (think we will take the truck though - don't think Jim's knees could hold out with me vs Kya hahaha).

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I have been reading many "bloggers" on many topics and on my views. It made be wonder and think how in the world and why in the world would anyone want to ready "My View?"

I'm just a simple minded woman recently retired and trying to find her way
in so many areas of her life. Even though I have 50 years of experience,
I'm not a pro in any one or two, but I am certain I have "My View!"

I've made my mistakes, and that is many this is for sure,
as a mother, a wife and as a person.
But on all of those mistakes....I also know that there may be one or two
I surely would consider had something that I would consider from "My View!"

But one thing I know for sure and that is this, (and even read recently too)
words can make a way for us. "The words we speak, the words we write,
the words we serve are our little worlds and they are meant to only be echoes
from our mind and/or our heart".....
I know this is from my heart and this is surely "My View!"

So, not knowing where or how far and wide this blog will ever go,
I know it will be shared from things that happen(ed),
things I see, things I feel, things from my heart.....
or things I consider just plain and simple "My View!"

I Hope to see you again and thought I would share this parting shot
I consider a favorite from "My View"

See you soon

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter's Here

some might see as getting in their way!

So many things to do that are now plowed in their way.
So many things to move from here to there or plans to change to another day!

I know that feeling from so many years of working
on a cold and snowy winter's day.
As I was once there ~ too many times to count
I hate to say!

But the older I get I wish more than ever to see that beautiful snow....
because a quiet, cold and snowy winter's day...
a hot cup of tea, a roaring fire and the beauty of it all
is now what it will bring.....this I know!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

My View

Here I am with My View
with pictures and words from any day
expressing what I might see what I might say.......
My View might have pictures with colors so vibrant,
black and white or shades of gray; Words and thoughts.....
never knowing what I might want to say.
You might agree with me
thinking right and wrong vs good or bad.
My View can be something viewed
that makes you feel happy or sad?

But should you decide to continue to visit My View
or should you just go....
When you figure it out,
please say a few words of your own
just to let me know.

Thanks for visiting.........Melissa