Monday, February 28, 2011

Log Awaited Vacation

Beware - Slow Speed Ahead: Long Awaited Vacation: WRONG

Jim is full speed ahead because it has been a very long awaited vacation. As many family and friends know this vacation has been needed for a very, very long time. It has been 3 years as we have battled and conquered Jim's throat cancer. It wasn't just his throat cancer, but so many more domino effects from that cancer that led us into a whirlwind of stress, fatigue and days filled with a dominated focus on improving our health.

If you have not followed the past history of our journey you can find some of this history on Caringbrige ( not all of this history is there but so much is for sure.

With family and friends watching over and house sitting we are therefore able to take this long awaited vacation and spend many weeks throughout Florida. Our first day (and week) is here at Hontoon Landing Resort. A beautiful place for fishing and site seeing for some absolute beautiful scenery! I can't wait to share each new day of this beautiful time with you!

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  1. Oh, enjoy this time, Melissa! I love your blog. Simple, serene, calming, and your photographs are beautiful.

    I'm a newby, too...I just started this past September. I find that even if you start (like I did) for your own personal reasons (mine was to have an outlet for some heartache), you can very easily get caught up in the "numbers" (followers and such). Don't. Any time I do that I'm putting my focus on the wrong thing and I don't enjoy it as much. Share your words (and link parties will help you reach more people!), enjoy your blog, and just stay true to yourself!

    You're doing a wonderful job!

    Enjoy your day! God bless!