Saturday, February 5, 2011

I have been reading many "bloggers" on many topics and on my views. It made be wonder and think how in the world and why in the world would anyone want to ready "My View?"

I'm just a simple minded woman recently retired and trying to find her way
in so many areas of her life. Even though I have 50 years of experience,
I'm not a pro in any one or two, but I am certain I have "My View!"

I've made my mistakes, and that is many this is for sure,
as a mother, a wife and as a person.
But on all of those mistakes....I also know that there may be one or two
I surely would consider had something that I would consider from "My View!"

But one thing I know for sure and that is this, (and even read recently too)
words can make a way for us. "The words we speak, the words we write,
the words we serve are our little worlds and they are meant to only be echoes
from our mind and/or our heart".....
I know this is from my heart and this is surely "My View!"

So, not knowing where or how far and wide this blog will ever go,
I know it will be shared from things that happen(ed),
things I see, things I feel, things from my heart.....
or things I consider just plain and simple "My View!"

I Hope to see you again and thought I would share this parting shot
I consider a favorite from "My View"

See you soon

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