Monday, February 14, 2011

Time for a Season Change???

Between the hot flashes (in weather that is) and the freezing cold, who else is ready for a change in seasons? We have been sick with the flu for more than a week (first time in we can't remember when) and the house still echoes with hacking and coughing.

Well we are going to try and force a change and take a little trip down to Florida (St John's River) and then on to the Keys. Count down is now in less than two weeks. This will be a great change of "weather" for us in so many ways but just to name a couple 1) The actual weather and, 2) Our first real vacation over the past three years. A lot has happened and we figured it was time for a road trip (think we will take the truck though - don't think Jim's knees could hold out with me vs Kya hahaha).

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